Who we are

Quip UK Ltd is a global leader in the worldwide healthcare market specializing in Wound Care, Medical Disposables, Medical Tapes, Orthopedic Products and Infection Control Products.

Founded in 2001, we are focused on the development of world-class branded products that offer high quality solutions for our caregivers and patients. Our aim is to supply over 50 countries worldwide; enjoying a good reputation for quality and price-performance ratio.

Quip UK Ltd is striving to provide an integrated therapy-driven approach – grounded in a broad portfolio of products, enhanced by insights into current therapeutic areas and complemented by a progressive approach to partnerships.

Our Values

Ambition & Urgency

We encourage entrepreneurship and set lofty goals to achieve extraordinary results, individually and within our teams.
We will act with speed and decisiveness to stay ahead of competition by prioritizing and taking actions to meet and anticipate customer needs.


Each of us will take initiative to drive improvements by demonstrating accountability and personal commitment, treating our area of responsibility as if it were our own business.


All our values would be meaningless, if we did not act with integrity in everything we do. Integrity is not a matter of choice. It must be our guiding principle.
Quip UK Ltd is driving innovations and is constantly developing new customer-oriented products with the sole aim to provide cost effective quality products acting in the best interest of our patients.

What else we provide?

Well known brands

Our well-known brands such as Variquip®, Quip Anti-M®, Surgiscrub®, AseptoQuip®, Quipscrub® ,Saniclin®, Sterigel®, Quipcise® , Quipcise Plus® , Quipfilm® , Quipore®, Quip IV®, Quipcrepe®, Quip Swab® , Quipshot®, Quipcare Trans®, Quipcare Micro® and SurgiQuip® are among the most trusted in healthcare.

Comprehensive portfolio

With our comprehensive product portfolio and strong technological competencies, Quip UK Ltd addresses healthcare provider’s needs in the most prevalent conditions in Patient care.

Established In

Our Products

Wound Care

Professional wound care solutions including dressing, gauze, medical tape, etc.


Fast acting, high-grade infection control solutions for personal and surgical use.

Healthcare Equipment

A variety of personal and clinical equipment.

Medical Devices

Quality medical equipment for medical practices, clinics, hospitals & emergency medicine.