About Us

Quip UK

As our slogan reads, we at Quip UK are committed to providing professional, top-notch healthcare products and innovative solutions.

Quip UK Ltd is a global leader in the worldwide healthcare market specializing in wound care, medical devices, orthopedic products and infection control products.

Founded in 2001, we are focused on the development of world-class branded products that offer high quality solutions for caregivers and patients. Our aim is to supply over 50 countries worldwide enjoying a good reputation for quality and price-performance ratio.

Quip UK Ltd is striving to provide an integrated therapy-driven approach – grounded in a broad portfolio of products, enhanced by insights into current therapeutic areas and complemented by a progressive approach to partnerships.

We are in 10 countries worldwide and have close to 1,000 loyal customers. We have over 30 brands ranging from hand sanitizers and disinfectants to face masks and oxygen concentrators.

With a talented and dedicated workforce, we aim to push the boundaries of quality manufacturing with world-class products that our customers can rely on at every turn.

As we like to say here at Quip UK, “You deserve the best.”