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Wound dressing products are used most often as primary or secondary dressings to protect the wound from contamination. These products include gauze, lint, plasters, dressings, bandages (natural or synthetic), cotton wool etc.

We give you the freedom to choose from an assortment of items to meet your wound care needs, keep wounds protected and promote healing.



The five principles of wounds dressing include wound assessment, wound cleansing, timely dressing change, selection of appropriate dressings, and antibiotic use.

With these in mind, QUIP provides a variety of dressings and tapes which are the first solution to wound care.

These include:

Quipspray - Moisture vapour permeable dressing, which provides protection for surface wounds & prevents further infection.

Quipcare tapes i.e.:

  • Quipcare Micro which is mainly used on sensitive skin especially children neonates.

  • Quipcare Trans which is the normal sealing tape used in wounds.

  • Quipcare Sili which is used in sensitive areas e.g CVC lines and Uterus Catheters.

Quiptulle - Gauze dressing impregnated with yellow chlorhexidine 0.5%W/V in paraffin.

Quip IV - Dressings intended to stop the introduction of microorganisms at the IV insertion site, which can lead to blood infection, and to help to stabilize IVs to prevent micro-movements, which can lead to phlebitis.


Secondary dressings are essential as they have an impact on the efficacy of the primary dressing. Their role is to protect, reinforce and cover the primary dressing. In practice, it is usually nurses who have the responsibility of selecting and prescribing the most suitable dressing for the wound.

Note that some dressings can either be Primary or Secondary depending on where they are being applied.

With QUIP, our main ones are:

  • Quipore - A non-woven dressing made up of porous and breathable non-woven layer for increased patient comfort.

  • Quipfilm - An island film dressing composed of a thin polyurethane membrane, coated with an acrylic adhesive with a non-adherent absorbent pad.

Paraffin Dressing.jpg


They are used mainly in the management of heavily exuding wounds or wounds set to be managed in or out of theatre.

QUIP has two main products, namely:

  • Quipcise - An incise wound dressing which is transparent, adhesive polyurethane film which allows skin to breathe, preventing accumulation of moisture in the wound region. It can be used in: Abdominal Surgery, Laminectomy, Spinal surgery, Oppen heart surgery, Vascular surgery, Nephrectomy etc.

  • Quipcise Plus - An incise wound dressing with Povidone Iodine efficient for long surgical operations. It provides an extra protection against microbes in the region/surgery space allowing for a better, surgical operation. It can be  used in: Major Orthopedic Surgery, Herniotomy, Thoracic Surgery, Abdominal Surgery etc.

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