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The                           is a waste system that is used during medical procedures to collect liquids and secretions from patients, preventing leakages and spills which in turn lead to HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections).

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The suction trolley units allow to perform suction interventions in a rational and effective manner, as they include in one suction system all the necessary devices for a broad range of surgical and medical procedures, providing the operators with the most suitable solution of use in a hospital environment.

  • Theatre Trolley Suction is a portable suction unit.

  • The aspiration of body liquids, oral, nasal and other bodily waste.

  • Four collection jars and on a stand with four castors for easy transport.

  • Provided with visual and acoustic alarm indicating low battery level.

  • The main unit is also equipped with vacuum-meter (bar & kPa) and vacuum regulator.

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Suction Canisters are fluid collection accessories that work to hygienically collect aspirated body fluids

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The suction canister is a temporary storage container for secretions or fluids removed from the body. These fluids or secretions may come from the patient’s lungs, stomach or wounds. The suction canister may be seen attached to the wall of the patient’s room or resting on the floor next to the patient’s bed in our trolley set up.


These items are typically made out of a hard or semi-rigid disposable plastic so caregivers can easily remove the entire object and dispose of it in just one step

It is designed for single use to minimize the risk of fluid exposure and improve usability. The seamless liners undergo a 100% leak test, ensuring that the risk of contamination is minimized. The disposable suction unit liner offers a quick and sanitary way to contain and dispose of liquid medical waste, helping prevent contamination and make the collection, containment and disposal process faster and more convenient.

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